The Windsor Hotel TOYA - Hokkaido, JapanThe Windsor Hotel TOYA - Hokkaido, Japan


Our hotel comes complete with banquet halls
and shopping facilities.

Our 11 floors and 1 basement floor total 12 stories of Windsor charm.
Please take a moment to view our Floor Map and Hotel Facilities.

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Banquet Halls and Meetings

The natural environment of Toya paired with Windsor’s facilities provide an ideal location for off-site gatherings, conferences, business meetings, seminars, and exhibitions. We offer our various banquet halls and services to cater to your needs and make your Hokkaido visit memorable

The Windsor Hall

This ballroom notable for its high ceilings and chandeliers was used as the main venue for the 2008 Hokkaido Toyako Summit. As Windsor’s largest banquet hall, The Windsor Hall may be used for formal dinners, exhibitions, international meetings, anniversary parties, weddings, and more. The hall may be divided into 4 spans, which provides ample space for small group meetings, and the adjacent Foyer is suggested as an area for taking coffee breaks as it offers a view of the outdoors including the Uchiura Bay.

Windsor Lounge East / West

Here are our meeting rooms located at the hotel’s top floor. Good for use by approximately 10 participants, these rooms offer a meeting space with grand views of Toya. After business in the seaside room, move to the lakeside for lunch, for instance. The Windsor Lounge offers refreshment during long meetings and is also recommended for parties.


The only hall near the Windsor Hall, Marquis is often used as the headquarters or waiting room for big events.
The hall may be divided into 2 spans to suit various purposes.


Here is our mid-sized banquet hall that boasts an oversized window that lets in plenty of natural light and a sense of freedom.
Perfect for wedding receptions, formal dinners, cocktail parties, and after dinner programs with a bit of luxury.


Located across the hall from Duke, Earl is a multi-use room that may be used in conjunction with Duke.
As the hall may be divided into 3 spans, we may suggest various uses for after parties and events requiring separate spaces.

Viscount / Baron

Executive meetings and small appointments with approximately 10 participants may require smaller banquet halls. Viscount and Baron offer just that. With warm light penetrating from the big windows, enjoy an early morning gathering in our resort atmosphere.

Banquet Hall Overview

※ This table can be scrolled to the side

Floor Banquet Room Room Dimension Room Capacity(pax)
Height L×W Banquet Buffet Class room Theater
B1F The Windsor Hall Full Span 870 6.0 48.9×17.8 540 850 540 1,100
1/2 430 24.0×17.8 240 350 230 430
1/4 210 11.8×17.8 120 170 120 220
Marquis Full Span 83 2.7 16.3×5.1 32 50 45 70
1/2 40 8.0×5.1 18 22 35
Banquet Lobby Foyer 314 16.0 370
1F Duke Full Span 235 2.6 15.7×15.2 110 160 110 220
Earl Full Span 100 2.6 15.2×6.8 32 55 50 75
2/3 66 10.0×6.8 24 35 30 50
1/3 36 5.5×6.8 15 25
Viscount Full Span 42 2.4 5.5×7.5 15 25
Baron Full Span 62 2.4 5.5×11 24 35 30 50
11F The Windsor Lounge East Full Span 70 2.4 6.5×11
The Windsor Lounge West Full Span 62 2.4 6.5×11

About Banquet / Meeting Room Use

  • An additional room use fee of 50% will be charged for use of the room before regular setup hours (2 hours).
  • An additional room use fee of 50% will be charged for banquets starting before 9 a.m. or after 10 p.m.
  • The Banquet Lobby is available for use only when The Windsor Hall is booked in its entirety.

About Setting Up the Exhibition

  • The room will be available for setup after 10 p.m. one day before the exhibition at 20% of the room use fee.
  • The room will be available for extraction of items after 10 p.m. at 10% of the room use fee.
  • An additional 10% service charge and 8% consumption tax apply.
  • Client should take care not to damage the facility during setup and extraction.

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