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Regarding protection of private information

We appreciate your visit to the website of The Windsor Hotels International Co., Ltd. (henceforth, the Corporation). Please read and understand the following. By using our service or requesting information from us, such as booking a room, member registration, buying our products, requesting a brochure or any other service, you are deemed to have agreed to our Privacy Policy.

The Windsor Hotels International Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Masayuki Nibu

About private information

The kinds of information we might collect are listed below.

  • The private information collected through telephone, fax, letter, internet, Email, or other means, for the purpose of room or restaurant reservation, wedding, banquet, and purchase of products.
  • The private information that you provide us at the time of membership registration, your application to our campaigns, check-in and check-out, or your response to our questionnaire.
  • The private information that we receive through customer service and customer communication after your stay at our hotel, visit to our restaurant, or buying our products.
  • All other private information that we might collect during our business activities.

Objectives of the collection of private information

The private information that we receive from our customers is used for the objectives mentioned below.

  • In order to perform reservation, and other activities regarding accommodation, food and beverage, spa, activity facilities, wedding, banquet, or other activities in our hotel.
  • In order to respond to the inquiries about reservation and the brochure request from our customers.
  • In order to fulfill contractual obligations with travel related agencies (travel agencies and facilitators for group travel, etc.), and with other outsider agents (credit card companies, and airline companies, etc.)
  • In order to provide the better hospitality and services to our customers.
  • In order to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, analysis of product and sales development, direct marketing, and sales promotion.
  • In order to provide sales and product information about accommodation, food and beverage, spa, activities, wedding, banquet and other services by telephone, Email, or fax.
  • In order to maintain our records.
  • In order to conduct other business operations of the Corporation.

Provision of private information

The Corporation shall not provide or disclose private information of our customers to a third party except the cases listed below.

  • If a customer provides a consent.
  • If it is based on the laws.
  • If it is required for the protection of the human life or property, and if obtaining the consent from the customer is difficult.
  • If it is required for the promotion and improvement of public health or healthy development of children, and if obtaining the consent from the customer is difficult.
  • If it is required to cooperate with the government authorities, etc. under special circumstances.
  • If we outsource to other agencies within the scope of achieving the objectives.
  • If it is accepted to disclose private information without the consent of the customer by Personal Information Protection Law.

Disclosure, correction and deletion of private information

We always strive to manage all the private information in accurate and up-to-date state. Please contact us if you change your private information such as address and phone number. And, please contact us to the contact information mentioned below for the disclosure, correction or deletion of your private information. When a customer asks us to disclose the private information of the customer, we disclose it without delay only after a thorough identity check as a general rule.

Outsourcing of private information

When we outsource our work to third party company, we provide private information in some case for the tasks such as sending your belongings or our products. However, we strictly select a trustworthy company, and manage private information carefully by signing a consignment contract.

Management of private information

We constantly take technical and organizational safety measures that are required against the unauthorized access, illegal outflow, loss, deletion, falsification of private information.

Continuous activities for the protection of private information

We believe that we shall constantly work on improving our measures for the protection of private information. Therefore, we would be continuously taking the activities listed below.

  • We conduct in-house training and educational programs for all our executives and employees (including full time employees, contract employees, indirect employees, temporary employees, temporary stuff, etc.) in order to comply with the laws and regulations regarding protection of private information.
  • We appropriately improve our policy of the protection of private information in accordance with the changes in the laws and social environment.
  • We post all our policies regarding the protection of private information on our website for our customers.

About our website

Our website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is high confidential encryption communication technology, for the transmission or reception of a private information and credit card information of our customers through internet. With this encryption technology, we protect all the input and transmission of data to and from our customers to avoid any data falsification. Therefore, have a peace of mind while using our website.

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