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Special Notice Going out of business as of Jan. 9 (Sat.),  2016 Thank you for your patronage over the years.  After closing, noodles will be available at Japanese Restaurant Tojisanka for lunch and dinner. (*Tojisanka will be open for lunch starting on Jan. 10.)

Start your long night while it’s still light outside with sake, appetizers, and lighthearted conversation.
We bring you our new soba noodle restaurant with a carefree and friendly atmosphere enjoyed as only at a resort.

The soba noodle shop has been loved by the common people since the Edo Period. Craftsmen who started work early in the morning finished work early, so the soba shop has been said to be bustling before evening. “Tankei” revisits the roots of the soba shop, as a place where anybody can gather without the need to put on airs, and with the goal of providing a playful atmosphere.

[ Name Origin and Menu ]

“Tankei” is the name of the production site of lustrous, fine textured ink stone of the highest quality. This noodle shop provides a carefree and friendly atmosphere in which you may enjoy the season’s finest ingredients of Hokkaido’s vast land and sea.

“Tankei” serves not only soba noodles but grilled dishes, temporas and delicacies as well as Japanese sake recommended by the sommelier. Enjoy a refreshing plate of soba noodles at the end of your meal for full satisfaction.
The buckwheat carefully ground with a stone mill to make the soba is a product of Hokkaido.


Open Hours
[ Lunch ] 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
[ Dinner ] 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Going out of business as of Jan. 9 (Sat.), 2016

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