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Retreat from frenzy in your daily lives, and let our main bar mellow you out and draw your resort night to a satisfying close.

“We should go to the bar if we stay in the hotel!” As a certain guest declares like that, the bar is an essential piece in the hotel life. For example, a glass of champagne or Martini to stimulate your appetite for before dinner, a shot of single malt on the rock with gazing flickered candle for after dinner…
There are the original cocktail named “Windsor Moon”; as motif of the moon dyed red that is rarely found over the lake, “Toya Breeze”; the gentle wind which carries green note, also have various non-alcoholic cocktail, thus it will be enjoyable for the person who does not drink much. Moreover, you can have an unusual opportunity to try the limited-released whisky which is sold in Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery only. Furthermore, the cigars are always provided, it will be a pleasant moment to look back your memory of trip with leisurely smoke. Would you care for being intoxicated with comfortable atmosphere which helps your stay extraordinary?


Open Hours
6:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Number of Seats
35 table seats, 8 counter seats
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  • Akkeshi Whisky brand new item

    Long-awaited whisky, Akkeshi New Born Foundation 3 has released on 5th May 2019.
    Matured with using Hokkaido "Mizunara" oak barrel.
    You can enjoy very rare whisky which open up new possibilities for Hokkaido whisky.

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