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Interior Decoration Theme: The Silk Road and Exotic Blue

Traces of beautifully fused Eastern and Western cultures remain along the Silk Road, the historic trade route connecting China and the Mediterranean Sea. A characteristic blueness represents each area of the Silk Road – mystical shades of the Turkish Blue Mosque, the cobalt of Chinese porcelain, and Japan’s indigo dye – exotic blue tints that emerge beyond the time and space of the ancient road. That is precisely the theme color of Chinese Cuisine “La Voûte” which symbolizes the culinary fusion of East and West.

The deep blue, tunnel-like entrance hall reminiscent of the cave ruins of the Silk Road impresses as it welcomes you to "La Voûte". The restaurant accented in blue is dotted with an integration of East and West, craftwork such as pendant lights, Chinese lattice screens, and murals and sculptures of sacred dragons and camels, which add sublime elegance to the interior.

Windsor’s new restaurant embraces attention to detail and style while ensuring comfort for guests.

[ Cuisine Concept ]
East meets West in a delectable encounter. Here is new Chinese cuisine for discovering on your journey.

The rich blessings of nature – the abundance, quality, and freshness of ingredients – provide a supreme dining experience. Delicate, gentle flavors are drawn out to the fullest extent from Hokkaido’s fine seasonal products. We deliver an elegant, new Chinese style based on Cantonese cuisine, introducing Szechuan zest and light drizzles of oil, and incorporating a touch of French presentation. Excellent with wine, this new cuisine at Windsor offers visitors to Hokkaido another option as it emerges as a new expression of fine dining.


Open Hours
[Dinner] [ May. to Sep. ] 5:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
[ Oct. to Apr. ] 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Number of Seats
Seats: 48

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