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Another one of our suites at The Windsor Hotel TOYA, the Prime Suite is a fine collaboration of details. Plenty of space is provided for full relaxation, and the layout includes a classy yet practical sofa and dining table. Let this spectacularly produced suite room welcome you.

Room Information

Prime Suite floor plan


Sleeping Accommodation / Amenity

Air conditioning/Electric water boiler/Television (standard channels, NHK satellite)/Mini bar/Wi-Fi/Hair dryer/Refrigerator/Toilet with washing functions
Towels/Soap/Bathrobe/Slippers/Cotton/Toorthbrush/Cotton swab/Shampoo/Hair brush/Conditioner/Shower cap/Body soap (bath gel)/Razor
For Children
Bed guard, baby bed (under 1 year old), and more
The Windsor Hotel TOYA

Shimizu, Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido[ map ]
049-5722 Japan


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