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Sweet Attraction to French Confections

Contrast of flavor and texture is an important factor in French pastries and confections. We invite you to have your taste of seasonal Hokkaido ingredients served as original Michel Belin desserts.


Michel Belin
Born in Paris in 1955. Opened his first shop in Albi in 1978 and continued on to establish 5 shopin the Albi and Toulouse areas. Received numerous awards including the National Trophy for the Best Pastry Chef in France in 1997 and was named the Best Chef Patissier-Chocolatier of France in the 2001 Pudlo Guide.
Is a founding member of the "Relais Dessrts" and a jury member of the MOF. With top class techniques, experience, and knowledge, Belin is one of the great contributors to the culinary world.


1st Floor lobby Lounge "CafeZ" and Cake Shop
Open Hours
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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