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Services for ChildrenFrequently Asked Questions

QDo you rent out cribs (baby beds)?
AYes, we do. However, due to limited availability, it is recommended that you reserve one beforehand.
(Free of charge)
QCan diapers be purchased inside the hotel?
AYes, diapers are sold at the Shop (1st floor).
"GENKI" M (2 diapers)
"GENKI" L (2 diapers)
QCan you sterilize baby bottles?
AYes, we can. Please make a request to housekeeping. Bottles will be disinfected in boiling water baths.
QCan I borrow a microwave for making baby food?
ACertainly. However, due to limited availability, it is recommended that you reserve one beforehand. (Free of charge)
QCan we use strollers inside the hotel? Do you have rental strollers?
AYes, strollers are allowed. However, rental strollers are not available.
QHow old must children be in order to be left at the Kids' Room?
AThe Kids' Room looks after children from zero to lower grade school ages. For other ages, please consult with the Kids' Room staff.
QWhat are meals like at the Kids' Room?
ABaby food must be provided by guests as it is not sold at the hotel.
Otherwise, Room Service will prepare a kids' meal for your child.
QDo you have sleepwear for children?
AChildren's bathrobes, yukatas (bathrobes / sleepwear), and slippers are available.

AccommodationsFrequently Asked Questions

QIs it possible for me to stay overnight with a seeing-eye (or guide) dog?
AYes, seeing-eye dogs and guide dogs are permitted.
QDo you have wheelchair accessible rooms?
AWe do not have a room set aside for wheelchair access, but we can recommend rooms that are appropriately sized, such as the Premier Style rooms.
QHow early can I make a reservation?
ARoom reservations may be made starting one year in advance.
Restaurant, Bloom Spa, and activity reservations may be made up to three months in advance.
However, this may vary towards the beginning and end of the year. Please call us to confirm.
QWhat are the check in and check out times?
ACheck in at 3:00 p.m. and check out at 12:00 p.m.
QWhat is the difference between the Superior Room and the Junior Suite Room?
ADifferences include room size and furnishings. The Junior Suite has a separate shower booth in the bathroom.
Premier Style benefits include free rental wear at the Crystal Blue Club, free valet parking, and use of the Premier Salon.
QIf I arrive early, can I go to my room?
AUntil the check in time, you will be asked to wait for your room. We will hold your belongings for you, so in the meantime, you may wish to explore the hotel.
QIs an early check in and late check out possible?
ADepending on the availability of the room, and for a fee, it is possible.
Additional Price:
3 hours 30% of the room rate
6 hours 50% of the room rate
over 6 hours 100% of the room rate
QI'd like a room on the lakeside. How is the view from the room?
AThe view depends on the type of room, but we have rooms facing Lake Toya and rooms facing the Pacific Ocean.
You may choose the view you prefer (lake or ocean) during the reservation process.
QAre there shower booths?
AShower booths are furnished in all rooms except for the Superior Room, Japanese-style rooms, and Japanese-style suites.
QAre there " Washlets" (toilets with built-in bidets)?
AYes, in every room.
QWhat kinds of amenities do you have?
AA toothbrush, a hairbrush, cotton, a razor, a hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, and soap are provided.
QAre over-the-counter medicines available at the hotel?
AAfraid not. As stipulated under Article 24 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, we are not allowed to provide or sell any medicines in our hotel. Please bring your own necessary medicines.
QAre non-smoking rooms available?
AYes, non-smoking rooms may be requested.
Also, smoking is prohibited in every restaurant, except for the Polo Bar.
QCan we bring outside food and drinks?
AGenerally, we ask guests to refrain from bringing in outside food and beverages.
However, items, such as cake and champagne, may be brought in for a special fee.
QCan I use a credit card?
We accept/
Diners Club, American Express, VISA, Master Card, JCB, UC, DC, UFJ, NICOS, JAL, and TS CUBIC.
QCan you put me on a waiting list?
AYes, but availability will depend on our reservation schedule.
QHow big are the beds?
ASuperior Twin (122cm wide, 203cm long)
Superior Double (168cm wide, 203cm long)
Premier Twin type (124cm wide, 203cm long)
Premier Double type (188cm wide, 203cm long)
QCan I choose the type of pillow?
AYes, from the following selection/
binchouzumi (oak charcoal) pipe donut pillow, soba gara (buckwheat hull) pillow, water donut pillow, stiff shoulder relief neck pillow, Japanese cypress donut pillow, and tempur pillow
QAre there Japanese-style rooms?
AYes, we have two Japanese-style rooms, one Japanese-style suite, and one Japanese- and Western-style suite.
QCan I watch CS and BS broadcasts from the television in the room?
AYes, both networks are available.
QIs it possible to rent bed guardrails?
AYes, but if it is not available due to its limited number, it will be possible to move one bed against the wall.
Please contact us in advance to check for availability.
QCan my pet stay overnight with me?
AUnfortunately, no pets are allowed.
QDo you have DVD, CD players?
ADVD, CD players are not included in the rooms, but they may be rented for a fee.
Daily Rental Charge (Excludes Tax)
DVD player 3,000 yen
CD player 2,000 yen

Hotel FacilitiesFrequently Asked Questions

QAre towels provided at the Sansen (hot spring)?
AFace towels and bath towels are provided.
QAre there roten-buro (open-air baths) and saunas?
AIn the bathing area, we have a Japanese cypress bath and a stone bath.
We open the cypress bath to men and the stone bath to women on one day, and switch daily.
The open-air bath is available on the cypress bath side, but saunas are provided in both bathing areas.
QWhat kind of hot spring water is flowing?
AIt is sulfate spring water.
QCan I wear a yukata (bathrobe / sleepwear) and slippers when walking to the baths?
AWe ask that guests refrain from wearing a yukata outside their rooms.
However, bathrobes and slippers may be worn from the rooms to the hot spring baths, the Crystal Blue Club, and Bloom Spa.
QAre there ice machines?
AYes, you may find an ice room next to the elevator hall on every floor.
QIs the parking lot free?
AThe parking lots in the basement floor and outdoors are free and unreserved.
QIf I check in late at night, will I be able to find a place to dine?
AYou may order light meals at the Main Bar until 1:30 a.m. Room service is also available.
QAre there vending machines for juice and cigarettes inside the hotel?
AUnfortunately, we do not have vending machines. However, you may find drinks in the mini bar in your room.
Cigarettes may be purchased at the Shopping Mall (1st floor) from 8:00 a.m. to 800 p.m. After business hours, they may be purchased at the front desk.
QAre there room safes?
AYes, they are provided inside the closet in your room.
QAre there places where I can buy souvenirs and gifts?
AYes, the Shopping Mall (1st floor) sells specialty items of Hokkaido and original products from Windsor, to name a few.
QIs it possible to use my cellular phone?
ADOCOMO and AU have excellent signal strengths, but Soft Bank users may have difficulty connecting at times.
QIs there a cash dispenser?
ANo, we do not have any.
QIs there a beauty salon?
AYes, there is. Please make your reservation with Bloom SPA Toya.
QHow much is it to use the swimming pool?
AAll guests can use the swimming pool at no cost.
Additional fee will be charged for rental equipment such as swimming suits.
*Free for Premier Style guests (Guests staying in Jr Suite or higher rated rooms)
QDo I need to make reservations for the shuttle bus?
AYes, for the shuttle bus to and from the JR Toya train station or the Toyako Hot Springs, please make reservations by 1 hour before.
QWhat is the nearest airport? What kind of transportation is available from the airport to the hotel?
AThe Shin Chitose (New Chitose) Airport is the closest airport.
The limousine taxi, JR, and rental cars are available.
QWhat are the driving directions to the hotel?
AThe nearest interchange is the Abuta-Toyako interchange.
It takes 30 minutes to the hotel via the Toyako Onsen interchange.
QCan I arrange a rental car service from the hotel?
ACertainly. Please make a reservation early as the rental car company is located some distance away from the hotel and arrangements may take time.
QWhat are the tourist spots around the hotel?
AThe Toyako Onsen Gai (Toyako Hot Spring Town) is 20 minutes away.
Around Lake Toya, there are footpaths for leisurely walks and docks for pleasure boat rides.
Also, from the Toyako Onsen Gai, there is an Usuzan (Mount Usu) gondola and the Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch 5 minutes away by car.
QWhen is Toyako's Long Run Hanabi (Long Run Fireworks Display)? Can I see the fireworks from the hotel?
AFrom 4/28 through 10/31, the fireworks display starts at 8:45 p.m. and continues for approximately 20 minutes.
Because the hotel is set atop a hill a little distance away from the Toyako area, you will be looking down at the fireworks.
The hotel also hosts a Fireworks Viewing Boat Tour. Please make a reservation if you are interested.
QWhat is the atmospheric temperature? What kind of clothing should I bring?
  • MonthAverage TemperatureNotes
  • Jan. -3℃ /
    Snowfall is less than in other regions. Winds are stronger along the Uchiura Bay.
  • Feb. -4℃ /
    Daytime temperatures often drop below 0°C. Hooded winter wear, hats, and gloves are necessities. The coldest time of the year.
  • Mar. 3℃ /
    Warm during the day but cool in the morning and evening.
  • Apr. 6.7℃ /
    Monthly highs range from 15 to 18°C. A windbreaker is sufficient.
  • May 11.8℃ /
    New greenery shrouds the Lake Toya area, and cherry and plum blossoms bloom at once. Sweatshirts are sufficient.
  • June 16℃ /
    No seasonal rain fronts. The most refreshing and most habitable time of the year.
  • July 18.4℃ /
    Warm during the daytime, so a t-shirt is adequate. Mornings and evenings may feel cooler, so bring along a cardigan or a sweatshirt.
  • Aug. 21.9℃ /
    A time when many of Toya's specialties may be enjoyed. The busiest month of the year.
  • Sept. 18.8℃ /
    After the Obon (Lantern Festival) period, mornings and evenings become cooler. Cardigans and sweatshirts are desirable.
  • Oct. 14.2℃ / 57.6°F Warm during the daytime but mornings and evenings are chilly. Heaters are necessary. Prepare a light coat. Changing of the leaves peaks late in the month.
  • Nov. 8.5℃ / 47.3°F Leaves finish changing color early in the month. Snow can be seen on mountain peaks. The first snow may fall towards the end of the month. Sweaters and light coats are typical attire.
  • Dec. 3.4℃ / 38.1°F Snow will have fallen by the middle of the month. Lake Toya sees snow from the end of the month through January.
QCan I use the internet in my room?
AA wireless LAN internet service is available from your room.
QDo you have a business center?
AUnfortunately, a business center is not available.
QDo you rent out personal computers?
AAlso, personal computers are not available for rental, so please bring your own.
If you do not have LAN cables, please contact the front desk.
It is available at no cost.
QDo you provide special services for birthdays (and anniversaries)?
AWe can prepare cake and flower arrangements to name a few.
For more information, please consult us by phone or by e-mail.

GolfFrequently Asked Questions

QHow can I make reservations for the golf course?
AWe take reservations by phone between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
QDo you charge for cancellation?
AYes. Cancellation made by the guest 5 days prior to the date or later is subject to the charge of 3,000 person .
QIs it possible to play half a course or a course and a half?
AYes. The rates are as follows.
Price (Including taxes):
Half course 7,000 yen
Full course 10,000 yen
*Guests with accommodations may golf all you can for 10,000 yen a day.
QAre rental clubs available?
AYes, The rates are as follows.
Price (Excludes Tax):
Rental Shoes 1,000 yen per day
Rental Club 6,000 yen per day
QCan spectators come along on the course?
AIn general, we only allow registered players to go on the course.
QCan children play on the course with me?
AYes. The rates for children are the same as for adults.
QCan I play on the course wearing cleated golf shoes?
QDo we have to play through 18 holes?
AIn general, this course is to be played through 18 holes without a break after the 9th hole.
QWhere can I send my golf clubs?
AYou may send your golf clubs to the hotel's address.
Please make sure to write your check in date and the name of the guest.
QWhat are your business hours?
ATee off starts at 8:00 a.m. and the final tee off time is 1 p.m.
The final tee off time may vary depending on the changing times of sunsets during the year.
Please ask the golf course staff for details.
QAm I allowed to walk from my room to the golf course wearing golf shoes with cleats?
AYou may walk in shoes with soft cleats, but we ask that you refrain from walking in metal cleated shoes.
QAre there golf practice areas?
ANo, we do not have practice areas.
QIs it possible to play alone?
AYes, single players may play on the course.

Ski AreaFrequently Asked Questions

QHow many lifts are there?
AWe have 2 lifts.
QHow many courses do you have?
AWe have 2 courses.
QCan I snowboard?
AYes, snowboarding is available (from February 16, 2013).
QAre there slopes for children?
AWe do not have slopes specifically for children, but since our courses are family-friendly, children may enjoy many of our courses.
QDo you have rental skis and ski wear for children?
AYes. However, due to a limited number of sizes, skis, and ski wear available, we recommend that you make advance reservations.
QWhen are you open for business, and what are your business hours?
AWe are open from late December through early March, from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Dates and times are subject to change due to the amount of snowfall, so please ask the ski area staff for information.
QAre there changing rooms and lockers?
AYes, they are available.
QWhere can I send my skis?
AYou may send your skis to the hotel’s address.
Please make sure to write the check in date and the name of the guest.

SpaFrequently Asked Questions

QWhat are the prices and menus?
APrices start at 14,000 yen (Excludes Tax & Service Charge) per hour. (New prices effective from April 29, 2011)
Please refer to the Bloom Spa Menu on our website for more information.
QAre there age limits?
AWe welcome guests from over 16 years of age.
QIs it necessary to make reservations?
AYes, we take advance reservations.
QAre there cancellation Price?
AYes. For cancellations made after 3 p.m. on the day before, a cancellation fee of 50% applies.
For cancellations on the day of the reservation, a cancellation fee of 100% applies.
QWhat should I wear from my room to the spa?
AYou may wear a bathrobe and slippers.
QAre there any health considerations that I should be aware of?
AWomen who are pregnant may not undergo our body treatments but may enjoy our facials and head treatments.
QCan men use Bloom Spa?
AYes, men may use Bloom Spa.
QDo you have treatment rooms for two?
AYes, we have rooms in which two guests may enjoy treatments side by side.
Please make your request with our Bloom Spa staff when you make reservations.
QWhen are your business hours?
ABloom Spa is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (last treatment ending at 7 p.m.).

Outdoor ActivitiesFrequently Asked Questions

QWhat outdoor activities are available?
ANature trekking, canoeing, mountain biking, rafting, tennis, glass blowing, horse trekking, and Lake Toya motorboat riding are available.
QDo I need to make reservations?
AYes, we take advance reservations.
QAre there cancellation Price?
AYes. For cancellations made under the guest’s circumstances, cancellation Price are 50% of the activity fee when made one day before the day of the activity, and 100% of the activity fee when made on the day of the activity.
QCan children participate?
AYes, but we require adult accompaniment for elementary school aged children.
QAre there any indoor activities?
AThe Crystal Blue Club (swimming pool, athletic facility) and the glass blowing workshop may be enjoyed indoors.
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