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Snow Shoe Tour



Course Content / Time Required
1. Basic Course
 Approx. 1 km / Approx. 1 Hour
2. Snow Hiking (hiking in nature)
 Approx. 2.5 km / Approx. 2 Hours
3. Night Hike
 Approx. 1 Hour
Above middle school age
*Please consult for children under grade school age.
The Windsor Snow Village


Price(Consumption tax included)

1. Basic Course
¥16,200 per Additional Guest
2. Snow Hiking
¥16,200 per Additional Guest
3. Night Hike
¥16,200 per Additional Guest
Rentals are included in this plan.


★Includes Hot Drink

*Program is available by reservation only.
*Maximum 3 guests may be coached by 1 instructor of each lesson.
*Cancellations made by the guest are subject to the following charges : 50% for cancellations made 1 day before, 100% on the day.
*Please be informed that activities may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.
*We kindly request your mobile phone number as an emergency contact number so that we may notify you if any activities are cancelled on short notice.

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